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Who are we? Meet Team Little Brick Studio

Little Brick Studio Directors - Amy Hart and Ben Mulholland after winning the Peoples Choice award for Merilyn House at the BDAV awards

It comes as no surprise that Little Brick Studio directors Amy Hart and Ben Mulholland spent their early professional years working for a variety of builders, architects, developers and building designers - the well rounded experience that results from such contrasting employment is now evident in the projects they design - logical, smart designs to build, but also with an obvious understanding of a clients needs and wants all combined in an aesthetically pleasing design. Design is not overthought or ostentatious – just confident and well done.

Backed up with qualifications in Building Design and Town Planning, their natural design skill is complimented by both their experience and professionalism, resulting in a refinement that can be seen in much of their folio of work.

You won’t find them heading up design conferences or big noting themselves – they just design and do it well.

Team Little Brick Studio and friends at the 2019 Design Matters Awards

Joined by a talented team of professionals at their office on the Mornington Peninsula, Amy and Ben encourage a collaborative approach to projects, believing that all staff members have a valuable contribution to make to projects both large and small.


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